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Cuisine Care Packages are complimentary chef prepared healthy meals which aid in recovery and healing of single adult breast cancer survivors (unmarried men and women) undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Our healthy and fresh cuisine provides a well-balanced diet and meets the nutritious needs of breast cancer survivors which is ideal for rebuilding strength and managing treatment side effects. 

Some breast cancer survivors have energy during treatments and enjoy preparing their own meal, while others experience low to no energy and are not able to invest energy into preparing healthy meals. Although chemotherapy compromises taste buds and affects appetite, our fresh and healthy Cuisine Care Packages are appealing to the eye and taste buds to encourage eating. We want breast cancer survivors

without spousal support to spend more time recuperating during treatments instead of preparing meals. 

Our local culinary partners prepare our cuisine, while our trusted delivery team delivers meals to participants at one of our satellite locations in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and close surrounding cities in North Carolina.



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